Friday, December 19, 2008


what a day today had been, nothing special though, juz me and my 1st time blogging tryouts... 1st entry and it already got me a headache. thinking of what i'm gonna write...

so, why blog?? has always been in my mind to blog sumday, but evryday doesnt seem to be that day.. And i dunno when it will come. so wat so special about today dat makes me wanna start blogging?one word = INFLUENCE

so, it got me. my friends and my wife, these are the influence dat got me interested me how influence can somehow manipulate sumone to join or to do what others do. so, here i am now... it took quite sum time to get my 1st entry up, well u noe, i'm quite new with this blogging thing...still trying to catch-up...

wat will be expected from me?
heck, nothing much..juz maybe me nagging bout a lots of things, some might grab ur interest.. and some might not... i'm a man of few words u noe..heh

so, since dis is the 1st entry, i try to keep it short... so here goes my blogging saga